About Bold Move

Some call us the "agency's agency", others call us masterminds.

Combined, our talented hybrid team has collectively worked on projects for thousands of businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs around the world. Bold Move isn’t just another agency. It’s a strategic force that begins simply with a gambit. 

Background Check!

It's always nice to know a bit before the first date, isn't it?

1. Calling In Backup

Stop trying to pick up the pieces. If you’re looking to build a better online business model, strengthen your internal processes, create internal custom applications, or freshen up your brand, Bold Move is set on being a partner throughout your longevity.

2. We Don’t Play Foosball During Work

We are serious about the work we do and the value we provide. We place meticulous standards on every piece and ourselves which means our primary focus is your vision. With our strong military background we were trained to fight first and foremost, but with that came a lot of ‘attention to detail’. Who has time to goof off in the office when there are tasks to be accomplished?

3. Donald Draper Isn’t One of Our Idols

While some agencies adore fictional television characters and attempt to emulate them we prefer to be who we really are – a bunch of geeks that love what we do. We don’t keep up with what GQ claims to be fashionable, however we do keep up with the latest creative and technical trends. We’re fun, excitable, and aways under the radar, but most importantly, we’re always mission ready.

Our Team

We're integrated misfits of society working hard to leave a legacy.

Partner, MarComm Consultant

Joshua Lisec

Partner, MarComm Consultant

Joshua Lisec empowers growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small businesses with a persuasion-fueled secret weapon – the right words – so that you can: close more sales faster, with less resistance, in less time (because you are connecting directly with the REAL reasons people buy). He also has a Bachelor of Arts from Wright State University in Communication Training & Consulting.

Founder, Technical Consultant

Joshua Hatfield

Founder, Technical Consultant

Joshua Hatfield is a designer, developer, problem solver, and veteran with 12 years in the technical marketing industry. As the founder of Bold Move, he contributes to the creative direction, provides account service, meets strict deadlines, and maintains relationships with the agencies and companies we collaborate with.

Account Manager

Brian Schell

Account Manager

Brian Schell is an account manager, project manager, and veteran with 7 years in U.S. Army Operations, and 3 prior to enlistment as an eCommerce Director. As a partner with Bold Move, he maintains a high level of experience generating ROI for clients and our partners. With his unique background, his level of expertise helps businesses flourish.

Graphic Designer, Branding Expert

Chris Kairos

Graphic Designer, Branding Expert

Chris Kairos is a full-service designer specializing in everything from brand identity, graphic design, web and printing, to GUI design, packaging and more. He is incredibly detail oriented and extremely reliable; often finding little things that may otherwise be overlooked and takes the initiative to handle them.

Are You Ready To Make A Move?

Too often business owners and agencies don’t know who to turn to when a problem arises that they can’t fix internally. Our level of expertise in the technical realm will bolster your provided services and client industry reach.

Make It A Bold One