We're Proud to Sponsor the "BOLD DOZER" At PUSHLAW This Year

Join us at this fundraiser to support Planned Parenthood.

Join us for the big event! It’s PUSH Dayton’s fifth annual Ladies Arm Wrestling event, and for this bout we’re sponsoring one of PP’s favorite supporters, The BOLD DOZER!

PUSH Dayton (Professionals United for Sexual Health) is a professional non-profit group dedicated to raising awareness regarding sexual health awareness in the Miami Valley on behalf of Planned Parenthood. Every year, for the past five years, they have put together a ladies arm wrestling tournament to raise money for PP and to bring the community together. With many women volunteering to take the stage and other companies coming out to sponsor their cause, this event should be one for the history books!If that has you excited you should join us at PUSHLAW this year on May 1st at 6pm to witness this amazing tournament and help us raise funds that will go towards an amazing cause.See you there!

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