Update #2: Wallflux has removed the service to do this. The next solution available is to signup for a SociableKit account and follow a quick tutorial on their site. However, this, unfortunately, only works if you are the admin of the Facebook page due to Facebook’s Developer API changes.

Update #1: it seems there is a dedicated website providing this service for free without the hassle.  Check out Wallflux.com!

Recently, one of our clients requested to embed a calendar on their website, but they didn’t want to add another layer to their marketing efforts by having to double post to their Facebook page and Google Calendar. We came up with a simple solution in the meeting: add the Facebook page iCal link to Google Calendar. However, little did we know, Facebook only generates iCal feeds for individual and user events.

So, how did we solve this? Well, with a little help from the Facebook SDK for PHP library and the iCalcreator class package created by kigkonsult, we were able to build a file that generates an iCal feed for Facebook page events on the fly. And luckily for you, we don’t mind sharing the “secret”.

Note: this tutorial is for intermediate PHP developers and above. If you’d like us to help you implement this, feel free to get in touch!

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