A quick background check.

It's always nice to know a bit before the first date, isn't it?

Calling In Backup

Stop trying to pick up the pieces. If you’re looking to build a better online business model, strengthen your internal processes, create internal custom applications, or freshen up your brand, Bold Move is set on being a partner throughout your longevity.

We Don’t Play Foosball During Work

We are serious about the work we do and the value we provide. We place meticulous standards on every piece and ourselves which means our primary focus is your vision. With our strong military background we were trained to fight first and foremost, but with that came a lot of ‘attention to detail’. Who has time to goof off in the office when there are tasks to be accomplished?

Donald Draper Isn’t One Of Our Idols

While some agencies adore fictional television characters and attempt to emulate them we prefer to be who we really are – a bunch of geeks that love what we do. We don’t keep up with what GQ claims to be fashionable, however, we do keep up with the latest creative and technical trends. We’re fun, excitable, and aways under the radar, but most importantly, we’re always mission ready.

Our Capabilities

We handle marketing, technical, and production needs, so businesses are able to focus on what's important.

Our Process

Based on years of trial and error, our process ensures nothing goes wrong.

  • 1


    We begin our process by researching our clients through solid immersion processes and internal kickoff meetings.

  • 2


    Our team then gathers all relevant analytics of the client, the project, and any technology. We then create a solid roadmap.

  • 3

    Build and Design

    From there, our team begins creating behind the scenes with code, magic, and hard work. Once completed we deploy and measure.

  • 4

    Launch and Phase

    Once the project is live or the platform is launched we track all analytics, metrics, and insights. Rinse and repeat for each phase.

Our Team

We're integrated misfits of society working hard to leave a legacy.

  • BOLDMOVE-Team-Member-Joshua-Hatfield

    Joshua Hatfield


  • BOLDMOVE-Team-Member-Joshua-Lisec

    Joshua Lisec

    MarCom Consultant

  • BOLDMOVE-Team-Member-Chris-Kairos

    Chris Kairos


We walk the walk AND talk the talk!

From small workshops to the TEDx stage, we are subject matter experts who keep with the trends (and no, we're not talking about fidget spinners).


Solopreneurship - A TEDx Talk

Our marketing communications consultant Joshua Lisec educates and tells all in "Solopreneurship - How to Create Your Dream Job from Scratch".


Featured In Foundr Magazine

Read: How to Figure Out What Your Customers Want When They Don’t Know Themselves


Multiple Dayton WordPress Speaker Panels

Discussion topics have included best practices, security, plugin preferences, and theme development.


Veteran-Owned And Veteran Friendly

Founded by a veteran, we provide quality services and workshops through VOBOhio to veteran-owned businesses.


Practical Steps to Move from Side Hustle to All In

Working to launch a business on the side but not sure how to transition it to your full-time gig? In this session, Andrew and Joshua will share practical advice on how they moved their side hustles into full-time companies.