It’s no secret—marketing is hard.

For many of our clients, marketing is their main activity to drum up new business, drive new sales, and land new clients. But if there’s one big complaint we hear about marketing over and over, it is:

“I’ve built the new website… hired the consultants… done the SEO… printed beautiful collateral… joined the networking groups… created the marketing plan… gone to the workshops… tried social media… But even with all that, I’m still chasing after customers, and I’m just not seeing the kind of revenue I KNOW my business is capable of.”

The truth is: 97% of your target market does not specifically want what you’re selling—but they do want the payoffs that your product or services offer.

So what's it going to take to get the attention of your 97%?

To get specific, how do you create marketing pieces and ads that communicate the payoff?

What does it really take to make your target market want to pay close attention to your advertisements, open your emails, answer your calls, tell all their friends about you, buy the very first time they see your offer or send you a message via your website asking for a quote (and then say yes to your offer)?

How do you get your 97% are lining up for you like it’s Black Friday at the mall? Meanwhile, how do you stop marketing to that tiny 3% sliver of customers that your competitors are spending an arm and a leg trying to reach?

Fortunately, there is a process for doing just that. We call it Immersion Marketing.

Immersion-based marketing isn't rocket science....

It's just a 3-step process that works. Our clients know because we've tested and honed the process over the last 5 years in more than 3 dozen different industries.

Step 1: The Immersion Process

We compile dozens of pages of data points on your target market. This will help all parties understand what it will take to reach them effectively.

Step 2: Online, In Print, and In Person

After designing new marketing pieces and ads, we launch. Over the coming months, we build a pipeline of “nurtured leads” who go from “maybe” to “how do I buy”?

Step 3: Long-Term Lead Generation

Using your Immersion report as a guide, we continue to use growth hacking techniques, and create new marketing and ads designed to capture your market’s attention.

"Don't just do more marketing, do what makes marketing actually work."

If the payoffs of Immersion Marketing sound like what you've been looking for, then feel free to contact us.

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