Marketing Communications & Copywriting

The right words are the engine that drive your business. The right words turn browsers into buyers; cold leads into red-hot referrals; potential customers into actual ones. Unleash the power of persuasive marketing with content solutions that make your product or service just “click” with your target market.

Marketing Communications

Of the 4 P’s of Marketing – Price, Product, Place, Promotion – we’ve got you covered on that last one.

Our digital and print marketing campaigns are based on a proprietary process called Immersion Marketing™ which aligns every single sentence, paragraph, advertisement, and piece of marketing collateral to the exact needs, desires, challenges, and barriers your target market has.

In other words, we apply the best practices of buyer psychology to ethically persuade potential customers to “buy” your message, then buy your product or service — whether the campaign we run is via Facebook ads, lead capture and nurture funnels, email engagement sequences, or direct mail.

Our stuff works—plain and simple. We know because Immersion Marketing™ has been tested in 37 different industries. Our Marketing Communications strategies have created success after success for our clients, such as increasing revenue by 80% in 6 months, doubling sales in 2 weeks, and selling out entire product lines in just 3 days.


If you have something to sell, it’s your job to cultivate desire for what you’re selling.

Fortunately, we’ve got that covered too. Our Copywriting solutions have been re-engineered from 50 of the best manuals and textbooks that demonstrate how to persuade a cold lead into becoming a red-hot buyer, raving fan, and word-of-mouth marketer on behalf of your business.

Put the right words to use with field-tested, psychology-based Copywriting that cultivates desire in your ideal customer for your products or services without spamming, manipulating, or blowing your budget.

Copywriting solutions include:

  • sales letters
  • ​email marketing
  • website content and blogging
  • ​print advertisements
  • ​sales brochures
  • video marketing scripts
  • ​taglines and business names
  • press releases
  • white papers
  • radio and television advertising copy
  • social media ads
  • case studies