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We handle marketing, technical, and production needs, so businesses are able to focus on what's important.

But that's not all we do.

From conception to launch to long-term execution, we do it all.

Trusted by clients and partners, local and international.

Our work spans dozens of industries, including education, healthcare, and industrial.

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We walk the walk AND talk the talk!

From small workshops to the TEDx stage, we are subject matter experts who keep with the trends (and no, we're not talking about fidget spinners).


Solopreneurship - A TEDx Talk

Our marketing communications consultant Joshua Lisec educates and tells all in "Solopreneurship - How to Create Your Dream Job from Scratch".


Featured In Foundr Magazine

Read: How to Figure Out What Your Customers Want When They Don’t Know Themselves


Multiple Dayton WordPress Speaker Panels

Discussion topics have included best practices, security, plugin preferences, and theme development.


Veteran-Owned And Veteran Friendly

Founded by a veteran, we provide quality services and workshops through VOBOhio to veteran-owned businesses.


Practical Steps to Move from Side Hustle to All In

Working to launch a business on the side but not sure how to transition it to your full-time gig? In this session, Andrew and Joshua will share practical advice on how they moved their side hustles into full-time companies.

Recent Articles From The Bold Blog

A resource for business owners, marketing departments, developers, and more.


How To Detect Middle Eastern Users Using PHP

We created a simple PHP function that utilizes the popular location and geocoding API provided by HostIP to allow you to easily detect MENA visitors based on their location.

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