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Bolstering companies with a set of powerful niche services

For many industries, expansion and increased production follows a set of predetermined guidelines. Usually you see a company bottlenecking in one of two areas. We’re here to break the mold.

Add Capabilities To Your Repertoire

For many industries, expansion and increased production follows a set of predetermined guidelines. Usually you see a company bottlenecking in one of two areas – either the workload outpaces the rate of production, or the rate of production outpaces your capacity to produce. We’re here to break the mold. Bold Move can provide your team with the necessary reinforcements. Our team is always growing through Independent Contract work and Collaborative Agencies. In addition – due to the constant growth of our network – we are perpetually adding new specialties to our list of internal and partner services.

Engage A Broader Variety of Clientele

Our strategy at Bold Move is to create opportunity for growth. Our method is to increase your ability to produce quality work and broaden the scope of services you have to offer – thereby increasing your ability to handle a growing client base with ease. Whether that means handling a larger amount of the same types of services you may be accustomed to providing, new clients seeking new types of products or services, or old clients seeking out the new services you’ve added since they last visited – we aggressively target potential for collective growth.

Maintain Your Technical Prowess

Some of the challenges modern industry will face stem from something deeper than simple production or capacity. Companies in any industry, at any level of income, will find that the most difficult obstacles can be avoided with the proper foresight. At Bold Move, this is one of our most in-demand services to clients and agencies alike. Our line of work allows us the experience the most elegant of solutions, as well as foresee the most unpredictable of show-stoppers. We have the capability to evaluate your project, operations, or inner-workings and streamline from start to delivery. In essence, we have the skills to vastly improve your bottom line, and aggressively drive return business.

Client Case Studies

When’s the last time your website got hit on?

Lion + Panda

Local hybrid agency Lion + Panda sought a “unicorn” development team in late 2015. Since then we have revamped their internal development process and put in place some of the best development techniques to date.

Services Provided: Consultation, Design, Development

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Websource LLC

Since 2013, Websource LLC and Bold Move have collectively tackled over 50 website projects together with clients covering many industries such as business services, entertainment, and construction professionals.

Services Provided: Design, Development

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Wilderness Agency

Wilderness utilizes our team for multiple arenas in the technical realm such as Dayton web development, consulting, and hosting assistance.

Services Provided: Development

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Ohio based non-profit VOBOhio called us initially to manage their existing website. As they’ve continued their growth we’ve advised on their marketing plan, created initiative brands, and even coordinated VOBOhio fundraisers.

Services Provided: Consultation, Design, Development, Marketing, Printing

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